The Mumbai traffic police took action against 5,445 vehicles and seized 584 motorcycle silencers that had been modified for enhanced sound during a special drive last week to curb air and noise pollution, an official said on Thursday, reported news agency PTI.

These seized silencers, which also cause air pollution due to emission of gases from the exhaust without filters, were crushed by a bulldozer in the presence Joint Commissioner of Police (Traffic) Praveen Padwal and other senior officials, he added, reported PTI.

“Action was taken against 714 vehicles that had such modified silencers installed in them. Fines were imposed by generating e-challans. While 20,946 vehicles were pulled up all through the year for not having pollution under control (PUC) certificates, a total of 5,866 cases were made just between November 7 and 15,” the official pointed out, reported PTI.

Since the drive started, we collected fines totalling Rs 13.75 lakh, he added, reported PTI.

“In order to address the growing concern about air and noise pollution, the traffic police started this drive. It will continue. We will also take action against those manufacturing such modified silencers,” Joint Commissioner Padwal said, reported PTI.

“We are urging motorists to not make any modification to silencers. They must also get PUC certificates. Strict action will be taken against vehicles violating environment norms,” he said, reported PTI.

Padwal said action, including levy of penalties, was taken against 1,738 vehicles that were carrying construction material without taking precautionary measures, reported PTI.

Meanwhile, a drive against vehicles causing air pollution in the city has been organised by the Mumbai Traffic Police on Thursday, an official said.

According to the police, the Traffic Control Branch of Mumbai Police has organised a special event at the Traffic Police Headquarters in Worli, Mumbai, on November 16. The event is a part of the “Drive against vehicles causing Air Pollution” campaign, and all media friends are requested to attend.

An official said, the event aims to raise awareness about the impact of air pollution caused by vehicles and the need to take measures to reduce it. The Mumbai Traffic Police has also been working to ensure that the city`s roads are safe and free from pollution. The event is an opportunity to showcase their efforts and encourage people to take responsibility for their actions.

The official said that the event will be held at the Traffic Police Headquarters at Sir Pochakhaneala Road in Worli area of Mumbai, and will begin at 4:30 pm.

(With inputs from PTI)

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