Seven persons sustained injuries and eleven are currently missing after an explosion led to fire at a pharmaceutical factory in Maharashtra`s Raigad district on Friday, according to a PTI report. 

According to the report, the incident happened at the Blue Jet Healthcare Company in the Mahad MIDC area around 10.30 am when an explosion triggered a fire. The blaze resulted from the ignition of barrels containing chemicals that were stored on the premises.

Initial reports had suggested that the fire preceded the explosion at the factory. At the time of the incident, workers were present inside the factory. Seven of them suffered severe burns and were swiftly taken to a hospital for medical treatment, the report stated.

While conducting the search and rescue operation, it was discovered that at least eleven individuals who were on the premises when the incident occurred are currently missing.

The fire quickly spread, engulfing chemicals and other inflammable materials within the factory, which dampened the search and rescue efforts, stated the report.

Firefighting operations involved ten vehicles from the fire brigade, and they successfully extinguished the blaze. However, the exact cause of the fire is yet to be ascertained. 

Both the police and fire brigade teams are actively engaged in the search operation. Additionally, a unit from the National Disaster Response Force (NDRF) has been deployed to assist in the ongoing efforts, the report added. 

Century Rayon factory blast

Earlier this year, a devastating tanker explosion killed four and left six injured in the premises of Century Rayon factory in Thane district. A day after the blast happened on September 23, the authorities found “body parts” in nearby buildings. 

A report in PTI stated that the incident happened at the factory located in Shahad and that the tanker was a third-party vehicle which arrived for inspection before filling and it suffered a rupture which led to the blast. The authorities faced an uphill battle while attempting to identify the deceased based on fragmented parts of their bodies. 

The deceased were identified as Shailesh Yadav and Rajesh Srivastava. Meanwhile, Sagar Zalte, Pandit More, Prakash Nikam, Hansraj Sarod, Amit Bharnuke and Mohammed Arman sustained severe injuries. They received treatment at a medical facility operated by the Century Rayon company.

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