In a decisive crackdown on the illegal parking racket near Dindoshi Session Court in Goregaon, authorities have taken action leading to the arrest of two individuals. Despite legal interventions, the alleged mastermind remains at large.

During court proceedings, neither of the arrested individuals had legal representation. Advocate Ravi Jadhav, president of BCCSC Bar Association Main Fort & Dindoshi, joined by over 50 lawyers, urged the judge to grant maximum remand, resulting in a 5-day police remand.

Sources disclose that the parking area is owned by the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) and was originally used by lawyers, litigants, and police personnel. Over the years the parking Mafia took control of the parking lot. Illegally occupying the premises, they extorted money through unauthorised pay-and-park operations.

Allegations indicate that the parking Mafia employed drug addicts to collect fees, resorting to vandalism like tearing bike seat covers and deflating tires when payments were refused. Protests from lawyers prompted complaints to their organisation.

Advocate Ravi Jadhav, along with his committee, inspected the site but encountered resistance from anti-social elements. The lawyers called the police leading to the arrest of two individuals, while the alleged gang leader escaped.

Expressing concern over recent attacks on advocates at the Dindoshi court complex, Jadhav said, “I strongly condemn the recent attacks, assaults, and threats to advocates at the Dindoshi court complex by local goons. This alarming situation calls for unity among all advocates to work towards the enactment of an Advocates Protection Act for the safety of legal professionals. We all have to work for the advocates’ welfare.”

He added, “Fellow advocates stood united before the holiday court, passionately arguing for advocate and court security. They highlighted recent incidents at Dindoshi court and the prolonged illegal parking occupation. The court’s decision to grant 5 days of police custody is seen as a significant victory and a testament to the advocates’ unity.”

The two accused face charges under sections 352, 504, 506(2), and 34 of the IPC. Presented before the court, they were remanded in 5 days of police custody. Investigations continue to apprehend other individuals involved in the illegal parking racket.

No of days police remand granted of  the accused

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