Having founded his first company ‘ A Diabetic Chef, Harsh Kedia has now launched his second company ‘Conscious Mithaiwala’ in Mumbai. (Image: Instagram)

Harsh Kedia, a young entrepreneur, has started his second company, Conscious Mithaiwala, with a bid to sell diabetic-friendly sweets.

A budding chef who loves to cook and eat, has a knack for pushing the boundaries of what is considered the norm, considering the number of restrictions on his diet after having survived nearly a decade as a diabetic. The 26-year-old Harsh Kedia who was diagnosed with type 1.5 diabetes at the age of 14 tried his hands at cooking for the very first time at the age of 8.

Despite having faced several struggles including his health condition, nothing ever stopped him from getting into the kitchen, a passion that has now helped him turn into an entrepreneur, motivational speaker, teacher, and now the owner of two sweet companies.

Having founded his first company ‘ A Diabetic Chef, Harsh Kedia has now launched his second company ‘Conscious Mithaiwala’ in Mumbai. “I guess childhood dreams look like a kitchen/ ghar ghar for some of us that turn into a store in the prime of the city,” he wrote while sharing a picture in front of his outlet.

Speaking about his journey, Kedia began by selling zero-sugar confectionery like chocolates and spreads for fellow diabetics through his company ‘A Diabetic Chef’, a cloud kitchen in 2017. Claiming that his products are completely organic, mostly sugar-free, and with no difference in the sweetness quotient, Kedia asserted that the idea is to basically convert the taste of patterns of sugar stuff to his own products. For those suffering from diabetes and health-conscious people, his menu comprises traditional sweets like brownies, chocolates, and even milkshakes that they can have without any hesitation.

On the other hand, his recently-opened ‘Conscious Mithaiwala’ is known for selling Indian sweets and confectionaries for diabetic people. The doors of his latest outlet were opened on October 23, 2023, and the young chef expects good revenue from his physical stores.

Apart from his love for cooking, the young entrepreneur has also authored two books including ‘Journal of a Serial Entrepreneur’ and ‘Ultimate SugarFree Desserts’ which provides more than 50 recipes for sugar-free desserts. Notably, he was also a contestant on Masterchef India Season 8.

Before following his passion for cooking and baking, Kedia had worked at various other outlets like the Foxy Moron (social media agency), Le 15 Patisserie, Mooch Design Studio (stationery manufacturer), House Of Kedi (gender-neutral clothing brand), and Brand And Butter (branding, strategy and design consultancy).

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