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It has been 6 days since the release of Bollywood stars Salman Khan and Katrina Kaif‘s film Tiger 3. This film is continuously creating wonder at the box office and has earned around Rs 200 crore. The stars are very happy about the success of this film and an event was organized last Friday to celebrate the success of the film. Salman Khan, Katrina Kaif, and Emraan Hashmi attended this event and talked to the fans and thanked them. Salman Khan had a lot of fun during this event but what caught everyone’s attention was Salman mentioning Katrina’s husband and actor Vicky Kaushal’s name. 

It all started with a fan who had brought a bouquet and told Salman Khan that the bouquet was for him. To which the actor jokingly said, “he has gone mad, a boy brings a bouquet for a girl. I felt like you brought a bouquet for Katrina Kaif.” Then suddenly without taking Vicky’s name Salman mentioned him and said, “Bahut lamba chauda hai, marega tereko.” The smile that appeared on Katrina Kaif’s face during this statement of Salman is worth seeing. The actress was blushing completely and looked red with embarrassment. 

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After the marriage with Vicky Kaushal, this is Katrina’s first film with her ex Salman Khan, so everyone’s eyes were on the stars as to what changes would be seen in their bond. However, nothing has changed at all. Moreover, another video from the event has gone viral on social media where Salman was seen kissing Emran Hashmi. Khan mentioned Katrina and said that if she’s in the film then romance is bound to happen. Salman also jokingly said that if Imran’s character ‘Aatish’ (the character played by Emran Hashmi) had not been a villain, there would have been a kissing scene for him too.

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Then suddenly Salman Khan caught hold of Emraan Hashmi and kissed him. This joke of Salman made everyone laugh and now the pictures are going viral on social media. Katrina who was standing behind the actor couldn’t stop laughing while watching it. 

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