As parents, deciding your newborn’s meal plan is a full-time job and just like that most of us have grown up eating the typical baby food, Cerelac. With this food item, no parent had to rethink what they were feeding their child as most things came without adulteration. With the advent of a fast-paced life, people no longer have the time or knowledge to understand each ingredient before consumption. From big brands selling palm oil instead of vegetable oil in various consumable products to high sugar content in baby foods, awareness has changed the game and people are no longer accepting sub-standard products.

As per the recent report by Public Eye, Nestle Company has been alleged to add 2.7g of sugar per serving to Nestle Cerelac baby cereals sold in India while refraining from such practices in other countries such as Germany, Switzerland, France &UK.

What Does the Report Say?

According to the report, Nestle’s wheat-based product Cerelac for six-month-old newborns, which is sold sugar-free in the UK and Germany, contains 2.7 grammes of added sugar per serving in India. In India, the container disclosed the amount of sugar contained therein. The report claims, samples from the Philippines had the highest sugar level, 7.3 grammes, even though the information was not disclosed on the container.

The report states that the company adds sugar and honey to infant milk and Cerelac products in various countries, thereby violating essential guidelines aimed at baby healthcare.

In a letter to the FSSAI CEO G Kamala Vardhana Rao on April 18, Consumer Affairs Secretary Nidhi Khare wrote, “As per the news reports, Public Eye, an investigation agency based in Switzerland has published a report highlighting concerning findings about Nestle’s manufacturing practices in India. It may be mentioned that high sugar in baby products raises serious concerns about the potential implications for the health and safety of children in our country. The health and well-being of our citizens, especially infants and young children, is of paramount importance, and any deviation from safety standards could lead to serious health concerns.”

As per childcare health experts, the high sugar content in foods can lead to addictive behaviour in kids because they then start seeking more and more sugary food items which can later result in multiple health issues like early onset of obesity in future.

How to Make Cerelac At Home? Check Easy-to-Make Recipe

This doesn’t seem like the most ideal time to be a new parent and if you are worried about the sugar in your infant’s food then here is an easy homemade recipe you can make:

Wash the rice and all of the dals in a big bowl, then set them out to dry in the sun. Take the dried rice now and toast it over low heat. Additionally, dry roast the dals and then grind the rice, dals, almonds, and dalia into a fine powder. To avoid any grains, sieve the powder through a fine mesh filter. Your homemade Cerelac mixture is prepared and ready to use. Before using, place it in an airtight container.

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