Image Source : FILE IMAGE Vishal Bhardwaj was earlier going to make a film on Sapna Didi and Hussain Ustar with Deepika Padukone and Irrfan Khan

A few days ago, news came that Kartik Aaryan and Vishal Bhardwaj are going to work together on a thriller film. Now a big update has come regarding this film. It is being told that it will be based on the life of gangster Hussain Ustra. Hussain and Lady Don Sapna Didi will be at the center of the story. No name has been finalized yet for Sapna. The makers want to finalise only a big actress. But did you know earlier Deepika Padukone was to play Sapna Didi while late actor Irrfan Khan would have played Hussain Ustra?

Deepika Padukone and Irrfan Khan’s second film after Piku could have been Sapna Didi

Hussain Ustra was a gangster who had enmity with Dawood Ibrahim. Vishal Bhardwaj had written a script on his story many years ago. Then there was a plan to make this film with Irrfan Khan and Deepika Padukone in the lead. Although that story was never finalised completely, but they had shot a few scenes with the Piku actors. For this reason, Vishal is now starting that film afresh. Some changes have also been made in the script according to today’s times. Earlier this story was to be shown from Sapna Didi’s perspective, but now it will be the story of Hussain Ustra. According to several reports, this film will be made with a budget of Rs 150 crore. Sajid Nadiadwala is producing it. If everything goes well, the shooting of the film will start in September 2024. Many big updates related to the film will keep coming, but before that, know the story of Hussain Ustra and Sapna Didi.

The real story of Hussain Ustra and Sapna Didi

‘Dongri to Dubai’ writer S Hussain Zaidi runs a series named ‘The Source’ on his social media. There he gives information about different gangsters. Hussain also made a post on ‘Ustra’ and told that his real name was Hussain Sheikh. At the age of 16, Hussain Sheikh fought with someone, he had a razor in his hand. In a fit of rage, he attacked the person in front of him with a razor. It is said that a long incision had been made from shoulder to bottom. The person was immediately taken to the doctor. His condition was becoming serious. The doctors were stunned to see such a cut. They did not understand how to operate. According to him, only a surgeon could make such a clean cut, and that too with the help of his scalpel. After this incident, Hussain Sheikh came to be known as ‘Hussain Ustra’ or ‘Ustra Bhai’.

The other side of this story is Sapna Didi. Her real name was Ashraf Khan. Her husband Mahmood used to work in Dubai. Neither did Mahmood tell Ashraf about whom he worked with, or how he earned money, nor did Ashraf ever ask. Once a call came from Dubai. It was learned that Mehmood was coming to Mumbai by evening flight. Ashraf reached the airport to meet him. Mahmood was in front of her eyes. But the next moment the sound of bullets came and Mahmood disappeared from sight. She tried hard to find him amidst the chaos. Then a policeman asked Mahmood to go to JJ Hospital. Ashraf reached the hospital. There, Mahmood’s body was lying on a bed in a corner. He was shot with bullets. Ashraf did not understand why the police had killed her husband.

The press conference held the next day revealed that Mahmood was known as Mahmood Kalia in the underworld. Mehmood worked for underworld don Dawood Ibrahim. When Dawood refused to say anything, his henchmen informed the police. And he was killed in the encounter. When Ashraf came to know this truth, she became eager to take revenge from Dawood. Sapna’s first meeting with the underworld was through Hussain Ustra. Hussain had his own gang and he did not get along with Dawood. Someone told this to Ashraf and she went straight to meet Hussain. Hussain first laughed after listening to her but then after hearing her strong intentions, he agreed to help. He trained Ashraf in martial arts and weapon handling. Both became fast friends. With the help of Hussain, Ashraf started spying on Dawood’s hideouts. Dawood’s drug and betting business was running in Mumbai. Ashraf started telling the police about all this. And soon she became a confirmed police informer.

A plan was made to kill Dawood Ibrahim during the India-Pakistan cricket match

There is a different story behind how Ashraf got the name Sapna Didi. One day Ashraf came to know that Dawood’s biggest enemy was Arun Gawli. Ashraf went to him and asked for help but Gawli refused to help, saying that he could not trust people “like her”. Ashraf understood that remaining Ashraf was not going to work. From that day she changed her name to Sapna. Later, Sapna also tried to kill Dawood during a cricket match, but that plan did not succeed. However, Chhota Shakeel, who was Dawood’s right hand at that time, had come to know about Sapna’s plan. One day when Sapna was lying in her house. Some of Shakeel’s sons entered the house at midnight. And took Sapna away, where she was murdered with knives under her house.

Even after Sapna’s death, Hussain continued running his gang for many years. In September 1998, Hussein left his men behind and went to meet his girlfriend. Here, when he came out of the building and headed towards his car, Shakeel’s boys riddled him with bullets.

Kartik Aaryan will play the role of Hussain Ustra. For Sapna Didi, the makers are trying to lock a big name. It is being told that the film will be released in 2025.

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