Lok Bharti, an organisation, held a placement drive on Thursday for transgender persons in Maharashtra`s Thane district.

The placement drive was conducted in Thane district`s Kalyan wherein 34 participants applied to seek a job with renowned corporate firms.

The placement drive was organised in collaboration with the Kinnar Asmita, an advocacy group for the trans community.

The organisers told mid-day that of 34 candidates, 21 have been shortlisted for jobs.

The placement drive was conducted after Lok Bharti conducted a skill development program specifically for transpersons. For the duration of this program, the members of trans community were equipped with necessary skills and training to pursue employment opportunities in the travel, tourism and hospitality sectors.

The placement drive was a success. We received a good response (given it was carried out on short notice) with 34 applicants coming to seek employment opportunities and 21 getting shortlisted, the organisers told mid-day.

Five renowned companies had participated in the placement drive, they added.

They further said, “The initiative was aimed at providing equal opportunities and support for the transgender community to secure employment and achieve financial independence and be empowered.”

In their previous communique, the organisation elaborated on their training program saying, “The skill development program for transgender persons aims to empower and provide employment for transgender persons. This initiative promotes inclusivity in the workforce and aims to create a more diverse and inclusive society.”

“By equipping them with the necessary skills and knowledge, the initiative seeks to promote a more inclusive workforce that celebrates diversity,” it further read.

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