The sun is shining in all its glory and the scorching summer heat is upon us. As most parts of the country reel under intense heat waves, it is important to note that not just humans, but animals also face heat-related challenges that can even make them fall ill. So if you have furry friends at home, check out these tips by Bhoomika R, Product Executive, Drools – a platform that provides holistic nutritional needs and hygiene care for pets.

Taking Care Of Pets In Summer

Summers can be challenging for pets as they navigate the hot and sweaty months. Bhoomika R shares the following tips to keep your furry friends healthy and happy in summer.

1. Summer Woes: Nutritional Care

Dogs lack sweat glands and therefore, they are prone to overheating, particularly during summer, says Bhoomika. This can cause symptoms like heavy panting, dry and pale gums, dehydration, and in extreme cases, can even lead to heat strokes. “Serve your dog wet food which includes ingredients like chicken, eggs, vegetables, spinach, and certain fruits. These can help in keeping your dog’s body hydrated and cool. Wet foods containing approximately 80% water content ensure that not only essential calories are provided to your furry friend but also make it a point that they stay hydrated. Water-rich foods such as seedless watermelons and cucumbers are excellent and should be added to your dog’s diet. This can prove to be immensely beneficial. Apart from this, yoghurt, buttermilk, and coconut water are excellent additions to your pet’s diet during the summer months,” says Bhoomika. 

2. Keep Your Dogs Hydrated

Dogs’ bodies consist of approximately 60 to 65% water, so hydration plays a crucial role in maintaining their overall health, says Bhoomika. “Even a minor 5% loss of water can lead to serious health issues. Water is a crucial nutrient and aids in metabolism. Being a key component of blood and body fluids, water aids in nutrient transport and helps in excretion of waste,” she adds.

Dehydration poses a significant concern for pets, and this is heightened during the summer months. “Provide a sufficient supply of water to ensure your pet isn’t dehydrated and in turn suffer from heat stroke. Make sure to place water bowls at different points in the house. Add a couple of ice cubes to keep the water cool. If you are taking out the dog for walks, choose the cooler parts of the day to ensure pets remain hydrated,” says Bhoomika.

3. Protect The Paws

When the sun is blazing, surfaces like floors or the ground get very hot. So it’s important to protect pets’ paw pads from scorching hot surfaces. “Take them for walks when the temperature is cooler and early morning or late evening are the best times. This helps avoid burns and infections, and your furry friends can enjoy outdoors without facing the brunt of the heat.”

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4. Keep Them Active But With Right Activities

Just like you, your furry friend might feel lethargic in summer but being active is important. Opt for water play which is a popular summer activity for pets, says Bhoomika. “Whether it is enjoying splashing in a pool or visiting a dog-friendly beach, many pets love to play in the water. But remember, even water temperatures can become uncomfortably hot, so always supervise them. Give your pets a good rinse and pat them dry after a swim to prevent skin irritation,” shares Bhoomika. Interactive toys that keep pets engaged without overwhelming them are also a good choice for summer.


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