The University of Mumbai says its computerised system aimed at minimising delays in the re-evaluation and photocopy processes for students’ answer sheets has been working very well. This progressive initiative has been operational since the winter of 2023. Previously, students faced setbacks as the scrutiny of applications for re-evaluation and the dispatch of photocopies were marred by delays. The university has addressed this by deploying a sophisticated computer system, ensuring a seamless and prompt response to student requests.

Dr Prasad Karande, director of examination and evaluation board, said, “After the declaration of exam results, a photocopy and a re-evaluation link are now promptly provided to students through our advanced computerised system on the university website. This has significantly streamlined the entire process. The new system operates swiftly, sending scanned copies of the answer sheets directly to students’ email addresses on the same day they apply online for photocopies. The benefits extend to the re-evaluation process as well, with faculty members gaining instant access to a student’s answer sheet upon application, contributing to a reduction in re-evaluation result delays.”

“Previously, applications for re-evaluation and photocopies were accepted online up until the summer session of 2023. However, the subsequent processing of these applications suffered from time lags. The university has taken a proactive approach to resolve these issues, demonstrating a commitment to providing students with a more efficient and responsive service,” he added.

Another official from Mumbai University said, “When a student applies online for a photocopy of his answer sheet, the scanned photocopy of it is emailed to him/her within a day. This makes the process quicker and helps us declare the re-evaluation results without much delay.” 

Another official while sharing the link of the re-evaluation application said, “For students seeking re-evaluation or a photocopy of their answer sheet, the application process can be accessed through The university has assured that all requests for photocopies have been promptly addressed up to the current date.”

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