The DGCA has de-rostered two IndiGo pilots after the wingtip of an IndiGo aircraft grazed a wingtip of a stationary Air India Express plane at Kolkata Airport on Wednesday while the former was taxiing. Both aircraft had passengers on board but there were no reports of any injuries. The wings of both the planes were damaged.

“Given the damage to the planes’ wingtips, both aircraft have been grounded for detailed inspections,” said a senior DGCA air safety official. A detailed investigation into the incident is underway. The incident took place at around 11 am on Wednesday when the IndiGo aircraft was proceeding towards the runway to operate a flight to Darbhanga, while the Air India Express plane was awaiting clearance to taxi to the runway for a flight to Chennai.

In a statement, Air India Express said, “The wingtip of a taxiing aircraft of another airline grazed one of our aircraft, which was stationary and awaiting clearance to enter the runway at Kolkata for a scheduled operation to Chennai. The aircraft has since returned to the bay and further investigation is underway, for which we are coordinating with the regulator and airport authorities. We apologise for the inconvenience caused to guests due to external circumstances.”

IndiGo, in an official statement, said that an incident of a minor graze had been reported from the Kolkata airport, and the airline followed the necessary protocol immediately after the incident. No passengers or crew were injured due to this incident.

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