If it is left untreated then it causes chronic skin pigmentation as it penetrates deeper in the skin. It is essential to treat sunburn and sooth your itchy and red skin from extensive damage. For this purpose, one should use only natural skin care products or home remedies, DIY to provide instant relief to the skin and to reduce sun damage. 

Beauty and Ayurveda expert Shahnaz Husain gives some easy-to-apply, home remedies to sooth sunburn skin:

1. Cucumber-Grate cucumber and chill it, then apply it on sunburn effected skin to reduce inflammation. 

2. Coconut- Applying coconut milk/coconut water on the effected area immediately soothes the skin. 

3. Aloe vera gel- It helps repair the damage caused due to sunburn, it naturally repairs the skin due to its anti-inflammatory properties and reduces swelling too. 

4. Sandalwood- It is yet another natural remedy that is infused with cooling properties, it helps heal, reduces blemishes, and counters redness on the skin. Apply sandalwood paste mixed with water diluted chilled rose water to sooth your skin. 

5. Yoghurt- Helps with cooling inflamed skin and immediately soothes the burning sensation too. Apply curd mixed with water and leave it on for 30 minutes, then wash off with cold water. 

6. Cold milk- Using cotton wool apply cold milk evenly on the burned skin, it helps bring down inflammation, hydrates the skin naturally, and provides a cooling effect immediately reducing redness and swelling. Equally good for all skin types. 

7. Turmeric- Mix Turmeric + Gram flour + Curd and prepare a paste, apply it on your face, leave it on for 20 minutes, then rinse off. 

8. Soothing Mask- Prepare a paste with 3 teaspoons Oatmeal ripe Papaya Pulp and one teaspoon Curd. Apply it evenly all over the effected skin and rinse off after 20 minutes. This mask is ideal for dry and oily skin types.

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