New Delhi (India), February 8:  Entrepreneurs face a constant uphill battle, juggling the highs and lows of their ventures while navigating stress and fatigue in today’s dynamic business terrain. Recognising this need, Devidas Group, a conglomerate founded by visionary leader Devidas Naikare, is revolutionising how entrepreneurs approach their journeys. Through a unique blend of mind training, business coaching, and spiritual wisdom, the group empowers individuals to achieve holistic success, encompassing personal fulfilment, financial well-being, and impactful ventures.

Building Mental Resilience for Business Growth: “The entrepreneurial path is demanding, often challenging individuals’ mental and emotional capacity,” explains Naikare, a renowned speaker, author, and master trainer. “Our programs address these underlying hurdles by equipping individuals with the tools to overcome limiting beliefs, build mental resilience, and cultivate an unshakeable entrepreneurial mindset.” This holistic approach goes beyond traditional business coaching, incorporating mindfulness practices and spiritual knowledge to foster inner peace and emotional strength.

Proven Methods, Transformative Results: Devidas Group’s approach has demonstrably propelled countless individuals towards remarkable achievements. “We’ve witnessed countless participants experience tenfold business growth after undergoing our mind training programs,” shares Naikare. This success stems from the group’s curated methods, honed by Naikare’s 17-year career studying under 11 esteemed gurus and training thousands of aspiring entrepreneurs. His 12-book series further evidenced his expertise, empowering individuals to conquer obstacles and seize opportunities.        

A Vision for Societal Impact: Driven by a mission beyond self-promotion, Devidas Group has set an ambitious goal: to create 5,000 “Strong Entrepreneurs” in India by 2028. This initiative aims to foster a generation of resilient, ethical business leaders who contribute positively to society. In recognition of their impactful work, the group has garnered prestigious awards like the Maharashtra Business Icon Award and the Shri Mahatma Gandhi National Pride Award.

Business Success: Devidas Group’s impact extends beyond mere financial success. The group empowers individuals to lead fulfilling lives by fostering mental well-being and emotional intelligence. This holistic approach resonates with industry experts. “In today’s competitive world, mental fitness is crucial for sustained success,” says industry analyst Sarah Kumar. “Devidas Group’s focus on mindset and skillset development addresses a critical gap, empowering individuals to thrive both professionally and personally.”

Comprising various enterprises like Citydhan Capital and Vedant Training Academy, Devidas Group offers a diverse range of services and solutions. Under Naikare’s visionary leadership, the group continues to break new ground, paving the way for a future where empowered entrepreneurs drive positive change in business and society. 

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