New Delhi: Dolly Singh is a well-known figure who serves as an inspiration to many. She has successfully navigated different paths and shattered stereotypes through her talent and determination. Her journey from a small town to global recognition is incredibly inspiring. Dolly is also known for promoting body positivity on social media and recently spoke out about facing constant criticism for her weight. She mentioned that only a few people and places make her feel comfortable in her own skin.

Dolly took to her Instagram to write a lengthy note, sharing that she had lost more weight recently due to a busy schedule and stress. However, she wasn’t bothered by it.

“Like most people, my weight fluctuates too. Being on the naturally skinny side of the spectrum, I tend to lose weight easily (when I don’t want to) and it’s hard to put it back on. Last few months of finishing up the house, adulting and stressing took away the few good kgs I had gained over the last few years,” she wrote. 

She went on to say, “Honestly, this time I wasn’t worried about it. I know that if I get back on my routine, workout, eat on time and with intention, I’ll slowly get there. There is no hurry. I love my body now I love my body is every state because it supports me. I have come to believe that and honestly, I feel proud about that. I have grown up despising my body, hating every bit of it, so this is growth.”

However, despite her confidence, she recently chose to avoid meeting someone to dodge their comments on her looks. “But as much as I have accepted it to shapeshift every now and then, people around me don’t. And the other day, as I was about to go see someone, I decided against it because I realised they’re not my safe space. That I’m sure they’ll have something to say about my weight. About my lost ‘glow’ or whatever term they’d wanna use to make me believe it’s out of care (maybe it is, but keep it to yourself unless asked),” she stated.

She further elaborated, “It doesn’t hurt the 30 year old me, but the 13 year old? It takes me back to the bad days sometimes. Anyway, point is, I realised that there are only a few people and places in my life where I can go however I want to, it doesn’t matter what I look like, what I am wearing or what my weighing scale says, I will receive love. My home is still not one. Maybe someday.”

“If you could do something today, try to be someone’s safespace. And count your own blessings of people in your life who don’t care about the kgs fluctuating but the smiles on your face,” she added. 

As a highly influential individual, her comments section is flooded with appreciation and applause for speaking up on this issue. Additionally, she has made a lasting impression with her exceptional performance in the movie “Thank You for Coming,” for which she was applauded. 

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