The Central Railway has earned a record revenue of Rs 14,867.20 crore for the financial year 2023-24 (up to January 2024), which is 13.41 percent more than corresponding period of last year.

Central Railway (CR) has kept its momentum of giving its best performance in the earnings, said a press statement released by CR. The revenue includes earnings from passengers, earning from Goods, earning from Other Coaching and Sundry earnings. 

As per the statement by CR, during the financial year 2023-24 (up to January 2024) earnings from passenger revenue constituted of Rs 6,071.04 crore, in comparison to Rs 5,291.73 crore during the corresponding period last year, which shows an increase of 14.73 percent. While, earning from Goods stood at Rs 7,674.95 crore, which is 12.87 percent more than the earnings of Rs 6799.67 crore during the corresponding period last year.  

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The earnings from Other Coaching and Sundry earnings were Rs 1,121.21 crore, in comparison to Rs 1,018.39 crores during the corresponding period last year shows an increase of 10.10 percent. This includes earnings from Parcel and Luggage, Ticket Checking, Non-Fare Revenue (NFR), Parking, Catering, Pay & Use, Retiring rooms among others.

The Central Railway statement also said that there has been rise is number of passengers- including Suburban and Non-Suburban services. Number of passengers (including Suburban and Non-suburban)  travelling in financial 2023-24 was 1,318.58 million, against 1,208.78 million passengers in financial year 2022-23, registering an increase of 9.08 percent.

During the month of January 2024 alone, Central Railway earned passenger revenue of Rs 1,637.69. While, the passenger count (including Suburban and Non-suburban) stood at 144.93 million. Earning from Goods in January 2024 was Rs 856.41 crore, and Other Coaching Revenue and Sundry Earnings in January-2024 were Rs 110.63 crores, said the statement.

The Central Railway said that the increase in revenue is attributed to the various initiatives such as setting up of Business Development Units (BDUs), various non-fare revenue initiatives for intensive marketing and other similar innovative ideas to boost the earnings.

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