New Delhi: All corporate employees would relate when we say, “March-April is the best time of 2024.” With three long weekends lined up, the plans would surely be made. However, if you are one of those who are planning to avoid overcrowded short-spree destinations, we bring to you a list of shows that will become your portals to distant lands, vibrant cultures, and breathtaking landscapes. As wanderlust continues to burn within us, travel shows offer a delightful escape—a way to explore the world without leaving our couches. 

From bustling markets to serene beaches, these shows take us on virtual journeys, igniting our curiosity and inspiring future adventures. So, grab your remote, pack your imagination, and let’s embark on a global expedition from the comfort of home!

Once Upon a Trip! To Dubai


In the heart of the Arabian Desert, where the sun kisses the sand and futuristic skyscrapers pierce the cerulean sky, lies a city that defies imagination—Dubai. ‘Once Upon A Trip! To Dubai’ showcases Anil Kapoor & Maniesh Paul exploring the allure of this city. Their charm and wit illuminate the city’s landscapes and culture, blending comedy, adventure, and heartfelt moments for an authentic experience. It’s an odyssey—a symphony of laughter, awe, and unexpected connections.

Where to watch: JioCinema 

Man Vs Wild 


“Man vs. Wild” follows Bear Grylls as he navigates diverse terrains, documenting his survival efforts and providing valuable insights. Episodes typically feature Grylls stranded with his crew, facing challenges in wild environments like jungles or forests. Special episodes, such as those in urban settings with no facilities offer unique challenges. Grylls’ comprehensive preparations and hands-on approach ensure each episode’s authenticity. Additionally, the series includes special editions featuring Indian actors and even the Prime Minister, making it a must-watch for adventure enthusiasts.

Where to watch: Amazon Prime Video 

Expedition Unknown


Embark on thrilling expeditions with the intrepid archaeologist Josh Gates as he leads us on a global expedition. Uncover ancient temples, forgotten trails, and tantalizing artifacts that captivate the imagination of historians and adventurers alike. Joining Gates on his journeys is a passport to raw, unfiltered history, where every destination holds untold secrets waiting to be revealed. Unlike glossy escapades, this is a gritty, authentic exploration of the world’s hidden wonders. Brace yourself for a riveting ride through time and culture, where each discovery sparks curiosity and ignites the spirit of adventure in all who dare to follow.

Where to watch: Amazon Prime Video 

Kalki’s Great Escape 


Embark on an exhilarating adventure with Kalki Koechlin and her father, Joel Koechlin, as they traverse the enchanting landscapes of India’s North-East. Set against the backdrop of Assam, Meghalaya, and Arunachal Pradesh, this gripping tale delves deep into the heart of diverse cultures and breathtaking vistas. Mounted on their trusty Royal Enfield Himalayan Bikes, the duo embarks on a daring journey spanning nearly 4000 kilometres over 13 awe-inspiring days. From verdant valleys to mist-shrouded mountains, every twist and turn reveals a new facet of this vibrant region, captivating the imagination and stirring the soul of all who dare to follow their epic escapade.

Where to watch: YouTube (National Geographic India)

TVF Tripling


Picture this: hitting the open road with your siblings, bound for adventure and a heap of unexpected twists. Enter “Tripling” from The Viral Fever, where the charismatic trio – Chandan, Chanchal, and Chitvan – embark on a rollercoaster road trip to Rajasthan, carrying not just luggage, but a mountain of unresolved issues. As they journey to reunite with their parents, laughter, tears, and chaos ensue, weaving a tapestry of hilarity and heartache. Will they untangle their mess of problems along the way, or will it all snowball into even more chaos? Buckle up for a wild ride, because “Tripling” promises an unforgettable journey of self-discovery and sibling shenanigans.

Where to watch: Zee5

Dark Tourist


Step off the beaten path and into the chilling world of dark tourism with journalist David Farrier in this captivating docuseries. While most vacationers flock to sunny beaches and iconic landmarks, Farrier ventures into the shadows, exploring destinations steeped in tragedy and death. From embedding himself in a death-worshipping cult in Mexico to witnessing tourists soaking up radiation in Fukushima, each episode offers a spine-tingling journey into the macabre. Meet vampires in New Orleans, dive into atomic swimming holes in the most-nuked place on Earth—no destination is too haunting for Farrier’s fearless exploration. Brace yourself for an unforgettable voyage into the depths of dark tourism.

Where to watch: Netflix 

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