On February 12, the Gomati Devi Excellence Award will be conferred upon seven individuals for their significant contributions in various fields, and 11 others will receive the Nav Bharat Sarjak Samman

The ancient city of Varanasi is set to come alive with the vibrant hues of language, literature, and art as the second edition of the ‘Banaras Lit Fest: Kashi Sahitya Kala Utsav’ is poised to commence on February 10, 2024. The three-day cultural celebration promises an amalgamation of literary luminaries, artists, critics, storytellers, poets, musicians, dramatists, and intellectuals from diverse disciplines, music, theatre, cinema, fine arts, and media.

Renowned figures such as Bollywood lyricist Sameer Anjan, actor Ashutosh Rana, artist and writer Abid Surti, poet Alok Dhanwa, Sahitya Akademi awardee Arun Kamal, Uday Prakash, Badri Narayan, Udaya Narayan Singh Nachiketa and many others will grace the event. The festival will feature engaging sessions such as Kavi Sammelan – Mushaira, poetry reading, Batkahi, book discussions, Theatre performance, and meet-the-author sessions.

The grand opening ceremony on February 10 at the Rudraksha Convention Center in Sigra, Banaras, will set the stage for a literary and artistic extravaganza. The festival, dedicated to the cultural richness of Banaras and broader literary concerns, has gained national importance since its inception.

Chairman Deepak Madhok shares the festival’s exciting themes: Kashi Tumhe Naman, Vishwa Bhasha Ke Roop Mein Hindi, Vishwa Ekatva Ka Mool (Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam – Prithvi Parivar), exploring literature, democracy, and nationalism. It promises a diverse and enriching experience for all attendees. He added, ‘The festival aims to preserve, promote, and celebrate the rich literary and artistic tradition of Banaras’.

Notable personalities such as Akhilesh, Shailendra Sagar,Santosh Singh, Yatindra Mishra, Awadhesh Pradhan, Vyomesh Shukla, O P Singh, Ashutosh Kumar Thakur, and many others will participate in various sessions.

English writers and journalists, including Ghazala Wahab, Utpal Kumar, Banibrata Mahanta, Atul K Thakur, and Omair Ahmad, will also be part of this literary celebration.

Special segments like “Talk on Pranab” will feature Sharmistha Mukherjee, daughter of former President Pranab Mukherjee, discussing her book Pranab My Father: A Daughter Remembers. 

Brijesh Singh, the Festival Director, shared that the inaugural ‘Banaras Lit Fest: Kashi Sahitya Kala Utsav’, held on February 11-12, 2023, at Swatantrata Bhawan of BHU, received overwhelming support from literature and art enthusiasts in Banaras, India, and beyond. The upcoming second edition is made possible by the continued goodwill and expectations from our supporters.

The festival’s diverse program includes book discussions with Prof Rana PB Singh, Anand Singh, Rajshekhar Basu, Neeta Kumar, and Pradeep Narayan Singh. Padmashree Rajeshwar Acharya, Nagendra Pandey, Ramsundar Singh, and Acharya Chandramouli Upadhyay have extended their congratulations on the event.

On February 12, the Gomati Devi Excellence Award will be conferred upon seven individuals for their significant contributions in various fields, and 11 others will receive the Nav Bharat Sarjak Samman.

The ‘Banaras Lit Fest: Kashi Sahitya Kala Utsav’ is not just an event; it is a celebration of creativity, dialogue, and the rich cultural sphere of Varanasi. As the literary world converges in this ancient city, the festival promises to be a unique and authentic platform for meaningful conversations.

Pramod Pandey, coordinator of Banaras Lit Fest, emphasises, “Banaras is the organizer! Amidst parties, politics, leaders, and diverse events, ours stands out as an interactive occasion, fostering complete creativity and establishing an authentic platform for meaningful dialogue. This uniqueness sets it apart in the realm of literary events, both nationally and internationally.”


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