Conversations can help you know your partner better.

This exercise can also help in rekindling the romance and spark in relationships.

Successful relationships are formed based on mutual love, understanding, and trust between the partners. With time, however, these relationships encounter challenges stemming from differences in values, communication issues, and evolving priorities. During this time, asking your partner some interesting questions can strengthen the bond of your relationship. It can also help in rekindling the romance and spark in the relationships. This space articulates those questions that should be asked by the partners irrespective of the fact whether they are in a dating phase or are married.

1. When we first met, what was your favourite thing about me?- It is pertinent to offer compliments to help your relationship blossom and grow strong. Therefore, it is essential to answer this question. Answering this question also helps to reveal the first thoughts of your partner after they saw you.

2. If we get a chance to go on any adventure together, where would you like to go and why?- Knowing the answer to this question is pertinent because when couples travel with each other, they have an opportunity to create memories and face challenges together.

3. What little things do I express that show I love you deeply?- Small gestures that build tenderness and trust matter a lot in a relationship. To know about these gestures, it is important to take out time to understand the love language of your partner.

4. If our relationship was a movie, what genre would it be?- This question can also lead to humorous conversations in a relationship based on the fact that what the partner names in the genre, be it romantic comedy or a drama.

5. Can you share with me a challenging moment in your life that you are proud of and how that moment shaped you?- The solution to this question can help you know about the setbacks experienced by your partner and how they overcome them.

6. If we could learn one skill together, what would it be and why?- Learning one skill together, be it cooking or trekking, creates a sort of connection that helps the couple understand the value of learning and experiencing new things.

7. What is the memory of old things that happened when we were together that always brings a smile to your face? Thinking about the pleasant moments in an earlier relationship fosters gratitude and positive aspects of a relationship.

8. If we could travel together to any period in history, where would we go and what would we do? Despite being an odd question, this deepens the emotional connection within a relationship as it helps you fantasise about time travel and exploring ancient civilisations together.

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