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New Delhi: A Delhi court Thursday extended the police custody of Shraddha murder case accused Aftab Poonawala for the next five days. Seeking the extension of his custody, the Delhi Police submitted in the court that the accused has to be taken to Uttarakhand and Himachal Pradesh for investigation.

The court has also allowed the police application seeking permission for the Narco analysis test of Aftab who was arrested on Saturday for murdering and chopping body of her live-in partner Shraddha Walkar into 35 pieces.

Why police is looking into Aftab Poonawala’s food bills?

The food bills will enable police understand the psyche of Aftab. The receipts were recovered from the 300-litre fridge that he had brought specially to keep Shraddha’s body parts.

The dates of the food bills are mostly after he murdered Shraddha. These bills will help police understand the state of Aftab’s mind after killing his live-in partner.

According to reports, the food bills will help police understand what kind of foods he was ordering and on which date.

The bills will also help police understand the choice of place from where Aftab ordered food and enable them track specific contact of a person, if any, who was delivering the food.

Since the alleged crime has been done about six months ago, the food bills establish in the case the conduct and psyche of the accused after committing it.

The conduct of the accused after the crime is doing is very corroborative evidence or in some ways, circumstantial evidence.

What can police establish from Aftab’s food bills?

Through these food bills police may possibly get an alibi, it may also probe the food delivery boys who could be important in the investigation.

Also, the cops need to talk to there friends who knew about what had happened between Aftab and Shraddha and all of these details are yet to be brought together.

Dates of food bills

The Delhi Police, as per reports, said that the food bills which will be investigated in the Shraddha murder case are just a few days after which she was murdered.

The police is expected to interrogate the eateries and track delivery boys to understand what was Aftab’s behaviour even when he took his order.

Evidences before Delhi Police so far in Shraddha murder case

Evidences play a pivotal role in any case and in grisly Delhi murder, any bit of proof is important. As per reports, the Delhi Police as of now does not have any concrete evidence. They have got blood stains, a bag, and some body parts of Shraddha.

Blood stains and body parts have been sent for forensic investigation. It is being said that the bag belongs to Shraddha.

What evidences Delhi Police are looking for in Shraddha murder case?

The Delhi Police are now looking murder weapon used by Aftab to kill Shraddha.

Police is also looking for mobile phone of Shraddha. Aftab, during the probe has said that he has thrown the phone in Maharashtra.

The police also have to get the confirmation on the body parts which have been found are of Shraddha’s.

The biggest breakthrough the police got was the bank statement of the couple’s account which showed a transaction of Rs 54,000 from Shraddha’s net banking app to Aftab’s account on 26 May. The transaction exposed Aftab’s lies in which he had earlier said that Shraddha was unreachable after 22 May and he did not come in contact with her.

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