There are approximately 250 million Indian frontline workers. Most workers traditionally rely on mass recruiters or contractors for job placement and pay commissions to them. The informal nature of the frontline workforce makes the entire process of hiring very difficult and manual. The larger challenges revolve around hiring at scale, verifying the workforce, onboarding them, and retaining them.

Due to widespread migration, various industries have experienced frontline worker shortages across the country. This, coupled with India’s digitisation initiative, has enabled frontline hiring companies to take advantage of this opportunity to strengthen their services. This has ushered in a new era of technology-driven workforce management.

Technology has been a major driver for industrial growth and workforce management softwares have enabled this further by automating career progression, providing paperless onboarding, and supporting financial inclusion in the workplace. In addition to finding employment in convenient locations, workers are also contributing to the local economy.

This virtual roundtable will discuss these developments and the innovations and technological advances required to improve the management of frontline workers.

Presented by YourStory and BetterPlace, the event seeks to bring together industry experts and thought leaders from a wide range of sectors to address technology opportunities and challenges. It also seeks to create a dialogue about how the industry can leverage India stack to build a more robust and optimised frontline workforce.

To be held on 17th November, 2022 from 3:30 pm to 4:30 pm, the virtual roundtable titled ‘The growing impact of India stack for frontline workforce will also explore the following topics:

1. How emerging tech stack strategies create a win-win situation for the frontline workforce and enterprises (things such as UPI, financial services, jobs, upskilling, and Aadhaar).

2. In what ways will India stack contribute to the formalisation of the frontline workforce?

3. What role will tech stacks play in enabling higher earnings?

4. How can the India stack aid Indian startups in developing super platforms and platform networks for frontline workers?

5. Obstacles & challenges faced and solutions.

6. India stack’s success stories for businesses, governments, and consumers.

7. How new-age technology platforms can benefit frontline workers.

The speakers for the discussion will be Kannan Murali, Head of Product and Engineering, M2P; Sudarshan Ravi, Co-founder & CPO, Let’s Transport; Vikram Verma, Head of Engineering, Yubi; and Akash Goyal, Lead Product Manager, Rapido.

To all stakeholders, founders, experts, this is your chance to be part of the discussion and learn about the emerging India stack and how it is creating a new world for frontline workers with a tech-first solution.

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