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With customers exposed to over 6,000 advertisements per day, standing out in a sea of brands is essential for an online retail brand’s survival. – Narinder Mahaja, ODN digital services

People tend to relate to a product or a service if it is mentioned in their own language, and when you have the option of having various other languages on your website it would help them navigate easily. – Gudipudi Krishna Sharma, Startup India

These fundamental changes [in mobility] will require investments in next-gen technologies, including location and geospatial technologies, and advancements in satellite imagery conversion into real-time maps as well as 3D, HD, and vector maps. – Bhavish Aggarwal, Ola

Important keys to accelerate solar adoption are to provide easy financing and hassle free adoption experience to the consumers. – Gautam Das, Oorjan Cleantech

Diagnostics is a high margin business and hence improving its share within the e-health pie would materially improve the overall gross margins. – RedSeer report

Thought and cognitive processing are stimulated by active learning offered by learning apps. They offer useful abilities by making students work in groups, participate in live and recorded debates, and assess the perspectives of students located all over the world. – Nachiket Bhatia, DBMCI

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Financial services in emerging markets are being transformed by the power of technology. – Jonathan Whittle, Quona

While I believe that the whole process cannot be automated, since clients do like to talk to a human and figure out their legal processes, some parts of legal services can be automated and made more efficient. – Shivanjali Malik, Dastawezz

For organisations in STEM areas, uplifting women must be a business priority and only then can there be change in existing cultural norms, organisational models and policies. – Kavitha Thangasami, Exterro R&D

Owing to the swift pace of technological change, it’s important to continually build new competencies to succeed in academics, which can be made possible by learning apps. – Nachiket Bhatia, DBMCI

The thesis that winner takes all is not true anymore for the internet space. Players are finding their own niches and playing in them. – Gaurav Agarwal, Tata 1MG

Since snackable reels and shorts on Instagram, YouTube, and Facebook are the preferred choices of consumers, brands must invest sufficient time, effort, and money in creating high-quality video content. – Narinder Mahaja, ODN digital services

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The pace of innovation in Latin America is accelerating due to a combination of regulatory reform, a maturing venture capital ecosystem, and a wave of founders who cut their teeth with the first generation of successful technology companies in the region. – Monica Brand Engel, Quona

We are very bullish on India being front leader in deeptech and for global companies to emerge out of India. – Manish Singhal, pi Ventures

Technology is the key to making a level playing field for the rural and the urban by opening opportunities across villages. – Vamsi Udayagiri, Hesa

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