Gold prices in India rose on Wednesday with a gram of 22-carat gold costing 4,800 compared to 4,780 on Tuesday, according to figures by Goodreturns. Prices of eight grams and 10 grams have seen an increase of 160 and 200. Eight grams of 22-carat gold in India will now cost 38,400 and 10 grams 48,000.

The price of 100 grams of gold is now at 4,80,000 compared to 4,78,000 on Tuesday.

The price of 24-carat gold also increased on Wednesday. A gram of this gold type will cost 5,236 while eight grams and 10 grams are priced at 41,888 and 52,360 respectively. The price of 100 grams of 24-carat gold is 5,23,600.

The prices of one gram, eight grams, 10 grams and 100 grams of 24-carat gold on Tuesday were 5,215, 41,720, 52,150 and 5,21,500 respectively, according to Goodreturns.

Gold prices in the country are sourced from some of the reputed jewellers. The prices are determined by a range of factors including the strength of the Rupee against US dollars.

Meanwhile, silver prices in India saw a drop on Wednesday. A gram of silver is priced at 62 compared to 62.70 on Tuesday. Similarly, eight grams of silver is available at 496 compared to 501.60 a day back. And the price of 10 grams is available at 620, Goodreturns said.

Here are the latest prices of gold and silver in some of the major cities of India

City Price of Gold (22-Carat) Price of Gold (24-Carat) Price of Silver (10 grams)
 Delhi  Rs 48,150   52,510   620
 Mumbai   48,000   52,360   620
 Kolkata   48,000   52,360   620
 Chennai   49,600   54,110   685
 Bengaluru   48,850   52,410   675

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