In a crucial development for the safety and well-being of commuters, the Bandra`s Navpada Foot Over Bridge (FOB) and the Andheri South (Old) Foot Over Bridge will be temporarily closed for essential repair and reconstruction work. This decision comes in response to the findings of an IIT Audit Report, which highlighted the urgent need for structural repairs and rebuilding to ensure the safety of passengers, the Western Railway said on Thursday.

Bandra`s Navpada Foot Over Bridge Closure

The Bandra`s Navpada Foot Over Bridge, a vital transit link for many commuters, will be closed for a period of 45 days, starting from October 7, 2023. The extensive repair work will focus on rebuilding the ramp on the West side and the staircase on the East side of the FOB. The closure is necessary to facilitate the required structural improvements and ensure the safety of the bridge`s users, the Western Railway said.

Andheri South (Old) Foot Over Bridge Closure

In addition to the Bandra Navpada FOB, the Andheri South (Old) Foot Over Bridge, connecting Platform No. 4/5 and 6/7, will also undergo essential maintenance. This bridge will be closed for 35 days, commencing from October 7, 2023. During this period, passengers are encouraged to utilize the staircase and lift at Platform No. 4/5 for their convenience, the Western Railway said.

The Western Railway is aware of the inconvenience that these temporary closures may cause to passengers. However, the safety of commuters remains the top priority, and these necessary repair and reconstruction efforts aim to provide a safer and more reliable transit experience in the future, the Western Railway said.

The decision to undertake these repair and reconstruction projects is in line with the commitment to passenger safety and adherence to the recommendations of the IIT Audit Report. Once completed, the repaired and rebuilt structures will ensure a safer and more comfortable journey for all rail users, the Western Railway said.

For the convenience of passengers and with a view to meet the travel demand, Western Railway has extended the trips of 8 pairs of Special Trains on Special Fare on the same composition, timings and path, the Western Railway said in a statement.

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